The Deadly Prequel Timeline is a timeline of events prior to Chapter 5 and was written by AngryBirdAdventuresABA.

Timeline Edit

1985 Edit

-General P. Piglet is born.

-Soldier Red is born.

1996 Edit

1997 Edit

-Soldier Chuck is born.

1998 Edit

-Bird Island is founded.

2009 Edit

-The Pigs declare war on the birds.

2010 Edit

-Matilda becomes war partners with Soldier Red.

-Soldier Red's parents are killed by a russian pig sniper.

-Jay, Jake and Jim are born and captured by Foreman. (See Catching The Blues)

2013 Edit

-The events of The Angry Birds Movie never happen due to a fire in The Kings castle.

2015 Edit

-King Smooth Cheeks sends his troops to invade Bird Island. (Soldier Red is 30 at the time)