Red The Red Bird (A.K.A. Soldier Red) is a cardinal who fought in the Bird Island War. He hates the pigs and has lost his sanity fighting in the war for so long.


-Red The Red Bird (cousin)

Life Edit

Red was a lone bird, surviving on bugs and worms, until when somewhere near the Great Cliffs, he found The Eggs. That's when he found purpose in life: to protect the eggs. He soon met up with other birds who had the same goal. These birds included Matilda, Bomb and Chuck. Life was good until the pigs attacked. They wiped out most of the bird population until very few remained. Known as The Flock, they bred and created Bird Island, a safe haven for birds. They survived and thrived for decades until no one remembered the pigs.

Years later, the pigs came back and Red was drafted into the war and fought the pigs for 11 years. Red lost many friends and his sanity due to fighting in the war for so long.

On one terrible morning, a battle awoke on the shores of Bird Island. A rocket was launched....... and Bird Island was reduced to fire and ash. After that disaster, the flock took residence on Cobalt Plateus, Piggy Island.

Approximately days later, the pigs built a plane and attacked the Cobalt Plateus. Many birds were killed, and the eggs were stolen.