Pig City is a place on Piggy Island, Atlantic Ocean. It is home to many Pigs and is Piggy Islands capital.

Histoy Edit

Creation Edit

Not much is known about the creation of Pig City. It is a mystery how Pigs even ended up there. All we know is that the building commands were issued by Emporer Pig and Chronicler Pig.

Destruction By Fire

After a fire in King Mudbeard's castle, half of Pig City was reduced to fire and ash. Very few survived, and it was hard getting new heirs(Smooth Cheeks and Ross were on a safe island).

Renovation Edit

During Smooth Cheeks reign, Pig City was renovated for safety reasons. The whole city was torn down and rebuilt.

Invasion Edit

After a zombie outbreak, Pig City was invaded by evil Zompigs. It was torn down and many residents were eaten. Survivors flew, swam or boated to a safe island.

Pig City before renovation.

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